Wellness Care

Annual Comprehensive Physical Exam/Dental Exam, update necessary immunizations, flea/tick/heartworm prevention for dogs and cats, heartworm/tick disease testing for dogs.


Update necessary immunizations for dogs and cats: based upon age, previous vaccinations, pet’s health status, public health requirements and lifestyle of the pet.

In-House Laboratory

We perform heartworm/tick disease testing, Feline viral testing, complete blood count, blood sugar, organ function testing, urinalysis, intestinal parasite(s), and cytology services.

Outside Laboratory Testing

We work closely with two larger, nation-wide laboratory testing centers available to pickup “lab” samples for testing on a variety of diseases that require more extensive outsourced lab work.


We perform basic ultrasound exams for common abdominal and cardiac diseases in house. If needed, there is a certified radiologist available for more extensive imaging exams in the Stone Oak area.

Digital Radiography

We recently upgraded our digital radiography system for fast evaluation of a variety of medical conditions where radiography is the preferred diagnostic test of choice. The new digital radiographs can now be sent instantly and digitally to a certified radiologist for consultation.

Geriatric Testing

As dogs and cats age, their potential to develop disease increases. We test blood, urine, and perform radiographs (as needed) for each individual patient’s needs. Changes in eating/elimination habits as well as fluctuations in weight can be potential signs that more in depth testing is necessary. This feline patient is 2 years older than Cody!

Skin Care

Flea allergy symptoms, as well as pollen and food allergies, are commonly seen in pets in the San Antonio area. All of these diseases are manifested in the animals’ skin.   We can perform a variety of treatment options for allergies and flea control, sometimes starting with pairing the patient with the appropriate medicated shampoo.

Flea / Tick Control

We have many effective and convenient options available for control of external parasites, ranging from topical to oral methods providing great control!

Heartworm Prevention

Heartworms can be prevented with an injection that lasts 6 months, or we also carry topical products that are applied monthly or chewable tablets given monthly as well.

General Surgery

Dr. James performs general surgery almost every day of the week, to including elective surgeries such as spays, neuters, and declaws for cats.  Other surgeries performed often include skin tumor removals, bladder stone removal, gastro-intestinal foreign body removal, and various amputations that become necessary due to disease or injury.


Much of our weekly anesthesia time is spent cleaning dog and cat teeth!  This is essential to helping increase a pet’s lifespan.  We also extract broken/diseased teeth as  well as removing growths from the gums and mouth.

Elective Surgery

We prefer to spay and neuter dogs and cats around 6 months of age; with cats, declawing at 3-4 months of age is recommended.