Our goal is to keep your pet’s mouth healthy, because in the long run, your pet will live longer. Pets accumulate tartar at different rates, depending upon individual mouth chemistry, type of diet, and level of secondary methods to remove daily plaque accumulation. Gingivitis untreated leads to tooth loss. Proper teeth cleanings require general anesthesia and a stay for the day at the hospital. The benefits are remarkable, from removal of oral pain to bad breath!

Take a look at the before and after photos below. This small dog came to see us for bad breath and not wanting to chew his dry dog food.  The gums are swollen and infected.  The teeth have heavy tartar on them, which is causing recession of the gums and gum loss.  Tartar is over 90% bacteria!

After the cleaning, you can see that some teeth were extracted, the healthy ones are still there!  Often we encounter teeth that are being held in the mouth by the tartar attached to the adjacent teeth.  Loose, diseased teeth are removed to improve the overall health of the dog and cat’s mouth.