19179 Blanco Rd. Ste #104 San Antonio, Tx    210-764-2400
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The multi-purpose Treatment Area is user-friendly with 4 work stations, 2 with sinks. Special over-head lighting is helpful when performing close-up detailed work.
One of our unique features is an oxygen cage, which can quickly administer oxygen to a patient that is in need. Occasionally we are presented with dogs and cats that are having trouble breathing. We can immediately fill the oxygen cage with warmed or cooled oxygen, to give the patient a chance to recover from the crisis.
We also use the oxygen cage for newborns and their mother after caesarian section surgery.
Our ultrasound machine provides us with the ability to perform even more diagnostic testing along with radiology and in house lab work. Ultrasound imaging is a wonderful noninvasive tool to help diagnose heart disease, evaluate abdominal soft tissue organs, and diagnose early pregnancy. Most patients do not need sedation or general anesthesia for this painless exam. It is also useful to help guide fine needle biopsy procedures.


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