19179 Blanco Rd. Ste #104 San Antonio, Tx    210-764-2400
Blanco Crossing Vet Tour

Upon entering our hospital, you will first encounter our lovely waiting room.

Dr. James and her Interior Designer did a wonderful job choosing the colors, warm and friendly.
Once inside, you will notice the beautiful slate star on our reception station base. This star was hand-made for Dr. James.

If you look closely, you will see Kennedy, Teressa's little Poodle wondering about.
We have 4 exam rooms- 2 for dogs and 2 used exclusively for cats.

You will notice we have a computer in each exam room. We are a Paperless hospital and store our data digitally. Trees everywhere thank us!
Our Laboratory enables us to quickly run necessary diagnostic tests. We also utilize outside reference labs when more specialized labwork is needed.


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