19179 Blanco Rd. Ste #104 San Antonio, Tx    210-764-2400
Our pet-loving staff is small but passionate about quality veterinary care. Compassionate patient care is our top priority. We share our lives with dogs, cats and other little creatures so we understand our clients desire to find the right group of people to trust with their pets' care.

  • Dr. James' family includes a big black super sweet cat called Kelly and an energetic little Dachshund called Fritz who loves to hide chewy bones around the hospital.

  • Kim is a Technician who's been with Blanco Crossing since we first opened. She shares her home with a Border Collie/Shiba Inu mix named Teddy Bear, a crazy mixed breed Pandie Bear and a kitty named Bunny.

  • Yaramin is a Technician and has worked here over 10 years. She is currently pursuing her dream career as Veterinarian. She has a fiesty Miniature Schnauzer named Frieda, a younger and fiestier Schnauzer called Evita, a rescued Chihuahua she calls Paco and a shaggy little rescued dog called Diego.

  • Libby is now a Certified Veterinary Technician having completed the program and is working on getting her license. Congratulations Libby! She has the goofiest (but super sweet) Chocolate Lab who sometimes answers to Bella, a horse called Ben and a new addition- a Golden Retriever named Murphy.

  • Lyn is a Receptionist and we are sure glad she's here. She seems to laugh all the time! She has 2 dogs, a lovable and quiet (if you can believe that) Beagle named Buddy and a crazy little Jackrussell Jackson, a dog-chasing cat called Muffin, a sweet baby kittie called Gunny and a Parakeet called Bobo.

  • Cindy our new Receptionist, volunteers for a therapy dog organization called PAWS For Service. She has 2 rescued Poodle Mixes Shadow and Sunny and 2 darling cats Miko and Pearl.

  • Linda is a Receptionist and greets everyone with a big happy smile. She has a super sweet Australian Shepherd named Cash.

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