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Sago Palms are toxic to your pets.

We've heard for years about the toxic effects of Sago Palms in dogs. We learned firsthand recently when a client's 10 month old Labrador Puppy died within 48 hours of ingesting sago palm seeds.

The Lab puppy had ingested the seeds within a 3 hour window while the owner was away. Upon return of the owner, the puppy had already vomited large amounts of the plant material and continued to vomit. By that evening the puppy was in very bad shape, his liver was already failing. The next day his clotting mechanisms failed and he began bleeding into his GI tract and was euthanised that 2nd evening.

According to VIN (Veterinary Information Network) all parts of the plant are toxic but the seeds are the most toxic. Sharp spiked leaves may deter some dogs from chewing into the plant but many dogs may consider that a challenge and may also be attracted to the inner plant's scent.

Many owners are simply unaware of the danger. We spoke with a client today who brought in her curious playful Labrador puppy. She was unaware of the toxicity and has 3 sago palms growing in her backyard.

Symptoms of ingestion include:

Icterus (yellowing of the skin)
Increased thirst
Bloody diarrhea
Liver damage
Liver Failure

If you suspect your dog has ingested any part of a sago palm, induce vomiting with Hydrogen Peroxide. Spoon the Hydrogen Peroxide into your dog until she vomits or call us immediately and we can induce vomiting for you. Please call with any questions 210-764-2400.

Check out ASPCA Poison Control Center for more information plants toxic to your pets.

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